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Nords in League

Hey, let's post our League nicks in this thread so we can play and make memes together, I'll assemble them all in this initial post. We've also got one of those social club type thingies, just add me for an invite. doomydot - DoomyOfTheNorth Äker - Salladsburk Myxxe - Norman Baits

Community Rules & Philosophy

Anyone is welcome, but we focus our recruitment on people whose core values and memes align with our own. Our rules and philosophy include, but are not limited to the below: Standards of Conduct Community First We expect all members to ensure that all actions they take are done in the mindset of 'co...

New Website innit

Welcome to our new site , this time we're trying out a forumbased site, using the new phpBB. I feel it's better to choose a platform that people will already be familiar with, instead of going with Wordpress and using some obscure forum solution. In addition, this will be easier for our moderators ...

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