DECLINED - ProjectPT - Shaman - Resto

IRL Name:



Do you have a working mic?

Are you applying as a Social or a Raider?

How is your internet connection? (Ping/Latency & connection uptime) AKA will you DC or lag out during a raid ^^Because ^^we ^^will ^^slay ^^you

Usually between 20-40 ping, LAN cables and non of that wireless stuff for a more stable connection

Can you raid on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 19.00-22.00 server time?

Shaman (this question is dumb due to how you title your thread by request)

Resto (this question is dumb due to how you title your thread by request)

Talents & Addons:
Talents change depending on the fight (this might be an outdated question)
Addons: Bartender, Skada, DBM, Grid, RCLootCouncil, baganon

Link your armory: ... tpt/simple

Explain your talent choices:
These change depending on the fight and the utility, this question seems oudated unless you want a response for every fight

Artifact traits:

List addons you use:

Experience & History
List your previous raiding experiences:
TBC content (qut before sunwell), WOTLK all content

Provide us with logs from your previous raids: ... 805/latest

Previous guilds:

How do you stay updated on your class meta? And how do you stay updated on new raid tactics and content?
Keep updated on threads through MMO-champ, youtube videos of the progressed contents and guids and have my own spreadsheets to adjust values on my character depending on gear changes and availability

What raiding achievement are you the most proud of?
Tanking shattered halls in BC pre nerf without CC, but that is a game that doesnt' exist anymore

Goals & Expectations
Tell about yourself, as a person. Convince us you don't kill dogs in your sparetime etc:
I like to raid, this is a stupid question

What are your goals in WoW, and what are you goals within our guild? ^^inb4 ^^everyone ^^wants ^^to ^^be ^^classleader
to raid and complete relavent content while gearing up for upcoming content

What do you expect out of us, both socially and during 'professional' raiding hours:
I expect organization, consistency and an ability to figure out and solve the issues the guild is having at content

How do you prepare for a raid?
Knowing my role, knowing the variables of a fight, bringing the consumables and making sure to bring a bit extra if someone slacks. Being early so no raid is waiting on me.

Re: ProjectPT - Shaman - Resto

Hello, sorry for the time taken for an answer.

After close consideration with the officer team we have decided to Decline the application due to us having recently accepted a healer and we dont feel like you would mesh well with the guild.

Good luck in the future!

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