Pendoras - Resto druid -

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IRL Name: Patrick

Battletag: Pendora#21523

Age: 20

Do you have a working mic?
Are you applying as a Social or a Raider?
How is your internet connection? (Ping/Latency & connection uptime) AKA will you DC or lag out during a raid ^^Because ^^we ^^will ^^slay ^^you

My ping is really fine. 40-60 ms and no disconnects

Can you raid on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 19.00-22.00 server time?
Yes, the times are nice for me

Link your armory: ... k/pendoras (might be in boomy spec sometimes, as i do it do world quest and so on.)

Explain your talent choices:
1. Cenarion ward, really strong heal on 30 sec. Mostly it's the best out of all the traits in the first tree, Sometimes Prosperity is good, but for the most no.
2. Displacer beast: Small blink with a ms buff, really nice if i have to move asap.
3. Guardian affinity, i like this as i get frenzied regeneration + bear is op. But Balance affinity is also really nice as it gives me +5 yards on all my spells
4. Typhoon, It's awesome. Feks on blobs on Il'gynoth it just does wonders
5. Cultivation: This is really strong as i have reju on basicly the whole raid durring a fight, and an extra hot on people does really help. Soul of the Forrest is also really good, but mostly for m+
6. Spring Blossoms: Spring blossoms is really nice as it's an extra hot on people who stand in my Efflorence. Also note: on this tree there is 2 really good talents (Germination), but i can't really use it durring raids as i don't have the time for it mostly, and it consumes alot of mana to have 2 rejus on the whole raid.
7. Flourish: It's awesome to +6 seconds on all my hots when i have hots on the whole raid and then +6 seconds on everyone.

Artifact traits:
50 atm, soon 51
List addons you use:
Angry Assignments
Angry Keystones

List your previous raiding experiences:
Don't really have any from prev. expansions, i started out this expansion with PvE for real, and i really enjoy it.

Provide us with logs from your previous raids: ... k/pendoras ... metric=hps

Previous guilds:
Bloodseeker, currently in Magespecters

How do you stay updated on your class meta? And how do you stay updated on new raid tactics and content?
Reddit, youtube

What raiding achievement are you the most proud of?
I don't really have alot, i would honestly say tich / spellblade kill. Since it's our latest killed boss and i don't have any from prev. expanions that i can say is really cool.

Tell about yourself, as a person. Convince us you don't kill dogs in your sparetime etc:
Quiet friendly guy for the most part, Enjoy taking some beers with some friends and playing games

What are your goals in WoW, and what are you goals within our guild? ^^inb4 ^^everyone ^^wants ^^to ^^be ^^classleader
My goal is to clear every boss there is for this expansion on mythic to get us that Cutting Edgeee

What do you expect out of us, both socially and during 'professional' raiding hours:
Well, to begin with i expect everyone to be prepared, look up the fights / know the fight, people do their part and don't slack, expect people to bring food and flask.
I expect callouts durring the raid, people being focused and not to much joking around durring raid times.

How do you prepare for a raid?
If it's a new raid i lookup the fights, see what i can do in them, read a guide / thread on how to take it down
Expect that it's just getting food / flask / prepotions

Hope to hear from you guys.

Re: Pendoras - Resto druid -

Hi, sorry for the time taken for an answer.

So basically we have decided to accept the paladin application instead of your's so taking you in right now will be tough.

You can however be an extra healer when needs be if you still want to be in the guild, see it as a standby basically and if we see you are a solid player we can bring you to more raids in the future but as it stands now a permanent spot is not guaranteed.

Write on this application or hit me up on bnet to talk about this.

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