DECLINED - Shrekalarab - Rogue - Assasination

IRL Name: Albastaki
Nationality: United Arab Emirates
Battletag: Destrucion#2953
Age: 19
Do you have a working mic? Yes and i can hear but cant talk because discord in banned in a way t hat u cant talk but hear
Are you applying as a Social or a Raider? Raider

How is your internet connection? (Ping/Latency & connection uptime) AKA will you DC or lag out during a raid ^^Because ^^we ^^will ^^slay ^^you
126 home 98 fps

Can you raid on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 19.00-22.00 server time?
Link your armory: ... hrekalarab
Explain your talent choices(go through them one by one):
Master poisoner Increases Poison Damage by 30% all time
Night Stalker Because i dont have shoulder legendery yet and it gives 50% more damage on any ability
vigor increases maximum energy and regeneration
cheat death it helps me if i missed a tactic by mistake and saves a cr
thugge resets the cooldown for garrote if target dies so helps abit with adds
agonizing because increases poison damage
venomus wands helps in recharging energy
Artifact traits: 52

List addons you use:

List your previous raiding experiences:
6/7 M En As Rdruid then quited till 2nd week of Nh
Provide us with logs from your previous raids:

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them:
House of veterans was nice new friendly guild but leader didnt replace failures on tacts and low dps
How do you stay updated on your class meta? And how do you stay updated on new raid tactics and content?
Icyveins and fatboss guides
How do you prepare for a raid?
Normal Old Raids and some dummy practice
What raiding achievement are you the most proud of?
herald of titans
What do you expect out of us, both socially and during 'professional' raiding hours:
Socially Helping Each Other with daily Hc Dung for cm and Mythic + do it as guild raiding hours serious aiming for progress
Tell about yourself, as a person. Convince us you don't kill dogs in your sparetime etc:
i am usually playing wow if i am not i go to the beach or malls with friends
What are your goals in WoW, and what are you goals within our guild? ^^inb4 ^^everyone ^^wants ^^to ^^be ^^classleader
Finish The raid of the expansion on mythic difficuly have a nice friendly relationship

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