Rules and guidelines

Our rules include but are not limited to, the below:

Rules when raiding in our guild and just general side info that is useful
  • You always sign a day beforehand on the calendar before a raid.
  • You dont sign tentative unless you have a really good explanation for the officers, otherwise its strictly decline or accept.
  • If you cant make the raids for some reason, tell that reason to the officers so we can plan ahead the raid team beforehand.
  • You dont argue with tactics during raidtime.
  • Discord voice chat must be kept at a moderate level so that communication can happen smoothly.
  • No random afking during raids, if you have signed yourself up for 3 hours of raiding then 3 hours of raiding it is.
  • Looting is handled by officer's(with the addon RC Loot Council) and when we have given loot to a member there is no arguing or whispering to the officers.
  • BoE's go straight to officers who will sell them on the auction house for guildmoney for cauldrons, vantus runes and other consumables.
  • As we run with a larger roster of players some are going to be on the bench but always be ready to jump in and raid.

Should you have any questions regarding rules feel free to talk to officers or the GM either on PM on the forum or ingame

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