ProjectPT - Shaman - Resto - 2nd Application

IRL Name:

Canadian living in Portugal



Do you have a working mic?

Are you applying as a Social or a Raider?

How is your internet connection? (Ping/Latency & connection uptime) AKA will you DC or lag out during a raid ^^Because ^^we ^^will ^^slay ^^you

Usually between 40-80 ping, LAN cable (no wireless), haven't dc'ed or lagged out in a raid yet

Can you raid on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 19.00-22.00 server time?
99.9% of the time

Link your armory: ... /projectpt

Explain your talent choices(go through them one by one):
Torrent - while chain heal is the major healing non cooldown cast torrent gives the most healing per mana increase, however on a fight that is heavy on healing wave (for some reason) it will be shifted to undulation

Graceful Spirit - Moving while healing is great, and the other options are simply terrible

Lightning Surge Totem - this entire tier is mostly useless for raiding, but it is an extra stun when it is needed

Ancestral Guidance - Heavy cooldown to use on high raid damage phases, other options aren't great in raid context

Earthen Shield - only effective healing, Ancestral Protection Totem can be used for reliable strats like Botanist or Tich, but having to precast it makes it too unreliable in most cases. Ancestral Vigor doesn't perform enough

Cloudburst Totem can heal for an absurd amount of healing where as the other options offer almost no healing at all in raid context

Artifact traits:

List addons you use:
Exorsus raid tools
Move Anything
Group Filter
World quest finder
World Quest List

List your previous raiding experiences:
TBC (not sunwell) , WoTLK (all), Nighthold Mythic (6/10 and have healing experience with all 3 phases of mythic guldan)

Provide us with logs from your previous raids: ... /projectpt

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them:
Left Consangenius due to a combination factors, most notably unable to become within the core 4 healers and seeing the raid leader remove higher dps and skilled players rather than benching the underperforming (cough cough female cough cough) players, while also constantly rotating an inconsistent roster

How do you stay updated on your class meta? And how do you stay updated on new raid tactics and content?
youtube perspective videos
blue posts
shaman theory crafting discord
having my own healing spreadsheets

How do you prepare for a raid?
No every fight in the raid, know all the mechanics of the fight (not just healing mechanics) show up 15 minutes earlier than the requested time with double the consumables (so that I can give some away if someone else fucks up and we lose as little time as possible) and make sure all healing assignments and cds are organized before the raid, not during

What raiding achievement are you the most proud of?
Can't say I have one; accomplishments are always group efforts, so there can be a pull that I feel I saved the raid and healed my ass off to accomplish it, but overall I guess timed runes of Zulaman when it was new and difficult was great

What do you expect out of us, both socially and during 'professional' raiding hours:
Organized raids, and most importantly the ability to identify the issues with progression pulls and solve the problems to the next encounter

Tell about yourself, as a person. Convince us you don't kill dogs in your sparetime etc:
I enjoy games from their mechanical sense and want to be able to indulge in the endgame; games have always been a passion of mine, but only when they are challenges or puzzles, trying to figure things out and enjoy the frustratins along the way. Rewards in any spect of life are just no fun when there is no effort put in or any challenge to overcome.

What are your goals in WoW, and what are you goals within our guild? ^^inb4 ^^everyone ^^wants ^^to ^^be ^^classleader
Currently wanting to finish my work with Mythic Gul'dan and see him dead, and just maintain the highest quality I can as a healer while seeing the most difficult encounters

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